Dr. Lloyd M. Davis
Professor of Physics

Center for Laser Applications
University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma, TN 37388
Phone: (931) 393-7335
Fax: (931) 454-2271
E-mail: ldavis@utsi.edu
Student Theses and Dissertations:

Advisor for:

2008 William N. Robinson, M.S., Physics
Simulation of single molecule trapping in a nanochannel

2006 David A. Ball, Ph.D., Physics
Single molecule detection with active transport

2006 Karen Norton, MS, Physics
Ultraviolet image analysis of spacecraft exhaust plumes

2003 Kyle J. Peterson, Ph.D., Physics
Computational magnetohydrodynamic investigation of flux compression and implosion dynamics in a Z-pinch plasma with an azimuthally opposed magnetic field configuration

2003 Peter E. Williams, MS, Physics
Monte Carlo simulations and analysis of single-molecule detection and imaging

2002 Wesley Parker, M.S., Physics
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

2002 David A. Ball, M.S., Physics
Single molecule imaging with a custom-built fluorescence microscope

2000 Yuxing Sun, PhD, Physics
Analysis of ultra-sensitive fluorescence experiments

2000 Kyle J. Peterson, M.S., Physics
Evaluation of ellipsometric monitors for process control of high temperature superconductors

1997 Dennis H. Bunfield, M.S., Physics
Simulation of a single-molecule detection experiment

1994 Liqiang Li, Ph.D., Physics
Single-molecule detection in solution

Committee member for:

2008 Howard Frederick, M.S., Physics
Experimental determination of emissivity and resistivity of yttria stabilized zirconia at high temperatures

2008 Isaac P. Lescano-Mendoza, M.S., Electrical Engineering
Multichannel time-stamping-based correlator and hardware simulator
for photon correlation spectroscopy

2007 Jesse M. Labello, M.S., Physics
Characterization of the temperature dependence of optical components in the 10V cryo-vacuum chamber

2007 Matthey P. Duran, M.S., Physics
Modeling the ground state baryon octet using a generalization of the Lagrange triangle solution

2006 Nick F. Lynn, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Investigation of vorticity confinement as a high Reynolds number turbulence model

2005 Pavlina J. Jeleva, Ph.D., Physics
Photo-acoustic analysis of dental materials and tissue

2001 Bin Liu, Ph.D., Physics
Two-body Dirac equations and nucleon-nucleon scattering phase shift analysis

2000 Ivan G. Dors, Ph.D., Physics
Laser spark ignition modeling

1998 Guoming Guan, Ph.D., Physics
On the analysis of emission spectra and interference images

1998 Ivan G. Dors, M.S., Physics
Experimental investigations of aluminum monoxide in the laser ablation of alumina

1997 Jon P. Winkler, Ph.D., Engineering Science
A temperature study of laser-irradiated bone

1996 Carvil E.T. Chalk, M.S., Engineering Science
Feasibility of focusing optics for the use of RELIEF in engine test facilities

1996 David H. Plemmons, Ph.D., Physics
Laser spark ignition and the NH radical

1994 Feng Sun, Ph.D., Physics
Optical measurement of particle size distribution function using downhill simplex method: Theory and experiment

1994 Roderick Greg Wamsley, M.S., Physics
An investigation of the V-I characteristics of electrical discharges in Argon and their dependence on gap length and pressure

1991 Dragon Petrovic, Ph.D., Physics
Optical determination of hydrocarbon particle sizes produced by pyrolysis of acetylene

1990 Michael Yang, M.S., Physics
The Todorov model determined dynamically by comparison with the Wheeler-Feynman classical relativistic field theory through order 1/c4

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